Car Washer: Summer of the Ninja

The Car Washer Team

   Josiah Lebowitz
   Lead Designer, Writer, Sprite Artist, Lead Tester, Web Designer
     Josiah is the team leader and the one who came up with this crazy idea in the first place. He also got stuck making the massive
   amount of sprites you see in the game.

   Paul Pardee
     Paul was the first programmer to work on Car Washer and created a lot of the basic code that the others built on.

   Nick Jepsen
     Nick was the second programmer to work on Car Washer and helped complete the first demo.

   Tim Michaud
Lead Programmer
      Taking over for Nick, Tim worked hard to bring Car Washer to completion.

   Jessica Lang
     Jessica drew Car Washer's cut-scene art and title screen.

   Nick Pfisterer
   Music and Sound Composer
     This other Nick is the one responsible for all of Car Washer's sound effects and music.

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